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Sheet MetalRolling, pressing, punching, forming, stud inserting, grinding and polishing of sheet metal by by time-served engineers and  is part of the daily routine at Freshlook.

From electrical cabinets to kitchen worktops; windmill sails to soap dispensers, the variety and scope of  our expertise means that we are the one-stop shop for sheet metal components.
Specialist in-house finishing combined with  a good local network of finishers means that  shot and bead-blasting, polishing, electroplating, galvanizing, wet paint and powder-coating are all available  for that finishing touch.

ur in-house laser machinery is adept in making metal malleable. Any effect desired by our customers can be created by using any one of the following finishing techniques: vaqua blasting, powder coating, wet paint, mechanical polishing and electro plating.


Sheet Metal






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